Welcome to Flower Valley The Pre School

Wel -Come to Flower Valley The Pre School! At Flower Valley Our aim is to provide a caring, safe environment where children can develop into independent, confident individuals and begin their education feeling valued and happy.

we are not focused only on Academics but also we believe in nurturing fundamental values into the child.

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Core Values

The following core value is the basis of our programming. To accomplish the mission and vision of Flower Valley The Preschool, the following is important to us:

1. Each staff member and Students are daily seeking God's wisdom through prayer.
2. Children are accepted and loved without any bias or prejudice.
3. Classrooms are welcoming, inviting, and set up to stimulate exploration and discovery.
4. The curriculum is creative and innovative to stimulate children's spiritual development; physical development; social and emotional development; language, communication and emergent literacy development; cognitive development and general knowledge.
5. There is no discrimination between children, Each Staff member take extra care of every single child of Flower Valley.

Vision Statement

Flower Valley The Pre School strives to become every parent's first choice for early education by providing a child-centric environment that will minister to the all round development of child. This instruction will encompass the spiritual, physical, cognitive, social, and emotional areas of child development.

Mission Statement

Flower Valley The Pre School is a Private organization and it is a part of VIDHYA FOUNDATION started in the year of 2010, to provide a loving, nurturing, Child friendly environment for preschoolers. Children will be treated as precious creations of God, each with unique talents, interests, and needs.

The Team has professional staff members to lay the foundation that will encourage each child to explore their inborn potential and to have all round development.

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